Reliable Towing and Roadside Assistance Solutions When You Need It Most

It is no joke being stuck somewhere and not knowing what to do next. It is even worse when the vehicle you use is for business purposes. 

We understand how these unfortunate situations can affect your peace of mind and damage your business reputation, and thus, we are here to provide reliable car towing services to save the day.

Whether you require local towing, car locksmith services, or roadside assistance, we are a call away. Even if your boat, tractor, or motorcycle is stuck, we have all the right tools to tow all these vehicles to your mechanic or home. 

Our experts are always ready to handle your emergency in Wausau or the surrounding areas. Trust us for quick, seamless, and affordable towing service. You can reach out to us by visiting our offices in Wausau or by simply calling us. We reply promptly and tend to your queries as soon as possible. Give us a call today!

We will be happy to assist


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